Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ivette Carolina

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ivette Carolina Agudelo-Lopez is an EMMY®
award-nominated producer. With a broad formation as
an actress, producer, and digital marketer. She is the
Co-Founder and CEO of 3 Lopez Media Inc, a media
company that helps businesses and organizations
across the US to tell stories that create and foster
meaningful connections.

Originally from Venezuela, Ivette Carolina has a proven
professional track record in communications in
Venezuela, Panama, and the US, where she has
successfully worked and completed projects for
advertising agencies, video production companies, films,
brands, and non-profit organizations.

She defined herself as an artistpreneur that materializes ideas that creates meaningful connections among audiences. With the experience earned in front and behind the camera, Ivette Carolina has been able to utilize a holistic approach in every project she embarks (artist + storyteller + marketer).

In 2015 she emigrated to the US and has been producing events for the Latino community in San Francisco, CA including the premiere of the theatrical piece “What Is The Scandal?” which successfully completed three runs in the city, followed for more presentations in New York, North Carolina, San Diego, and Los Angeles. In 2016 her company went into partnership with the Victoria Theater to present Latino films and plays for bilingual & Spanish-Speaking audiences.

She was the co-founder, producer, and host of La Parranda, a SF radio show that rapidly evolved to digital webcasting and podcasting, where Latino talent was enhanced and promoted, reaching more than 150,000 viewers.

Being a Latina immigrant, Ivette Carolina has actively worked to support, uplift, and give back to his community through the collaboration with different non-profits: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Latino Business Action Network, Kapor Center, Latinos in Finance and Latino Community Foundation.

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